Arrived Singapore safe and sound – great flight – seven double Jamiesons – 2 champers – one Shiraz – plane- what plane?
Absolutely pelted down last night, went out for a meal and drowned.
Today did a dummy run up to Woodlands station (far north of Singapore island) to pick up the train tickets for KL tomorrow.
Came back and went to Gardens on the Bay – fantastic (see pic). Returned totally knackered – just a a couple of G n T’s and out later for a scoff – love their food. Staying in Best Western – couldn’t ask for more obliging staff – very central and right by the MRT (underground) and the equivalent of South Bank. Smallish rooms but spotless. Roof garden pretty at night with all the lights – for five minutes anyway.

20130222-204618.jpgSingapore Treetops Porthole Singapore Treetops Singapore UG A Real Jag

For those who have a Jag – what about a real car?

The undergrounds are foolproof and spotless.


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