Lone Pine Boutique hotel.
Excellent hotel with great location – all the street vendors outside the door – full size pool smack on the beach. Staff helpful. Pool brilliant.  Breakfast and meals good value. Wolf Blass Shiraz – magnificent. Yesterday hired a taxi for the day to see the sights. If you need a taxi driver – Ahmad Mahmoud 0194549732. ( Ex policeman-jolly chap took us on an all day tour and to and from the station. Punctual too. Had tea and cakes at the Eastern and Oriental Hotel – very elegant. They also own the Singapore Raffles and the Rendezvous Hotel at Scarborough. We went to our last butterfly park and a Fruit Farm, high in the hills which was a highlight. Then we went up a cable car to the top of Penang Hill. Very high, very scary – fabulous view. In Malaysia the public toilets usually have no toilet paper. Beside the loo they have a hose hanging for you to ‘wash’ yourself afterwards. Naturally we have learned to walk cross legged. I went into a loo at the top and a young man had most of his gear off and was frantically wringing out his clothes. He was absolutely drenched -like us, he had obviously never used one before – hard to keep a straight face!
Off across to Butterworth by ferry in the morning to catch the train to Bangkok. Hope it manages to exceed 70 kph but not holding our breath. Gotta go – free cocktails!


1 thought on “Penang

  1. Not a lot so far. Been on a speeding tuk-tuk – kamikaze pilot on a 500 cc souped up machine – cost him AUS $22,000 new. Zipped round to the tourist bureau to get Vietnamese visa. Bought 5 tailor made shirts and had a swim on the tenth floor of Sofitel So in their infinity pool – scary. On 19th floor and also good view but a long way up. Worse still, 25th floor, free cocktails nightly – but wait, on the 32 ? floor a roof restaurant – you have got to be kidding. Arrived yesterday after long train journey so now having a nanna nap 🙂

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