Notice no mention of trains on last two trips? Now quite reasonable.

View from the train from Yekaterinburg to Moscow pretty much the same – silver birch trees – melting snow etc.

Muscovites like one colour – Black – many have a sallow look as though cave dwellers and few bright colours even though it is the onset of spring.

The central touristy area i.e. around Red Square has all the bells and whistles until you realise many of the buildings were erected on “where such and such stood centuries ago…”  yet the modern churches, domes, spires, buildings are often under ten years old. Very kitche. When you visit cafes, touristy spots etc in Russia it feels like a time warp into the fifties. Everybody smokes, they spit all over the place, everywhere has cloakroom attendants – really odd. The Metro (undergrounds) are amazing. Beautifully decorated on the high domes in some areas – rapid up and down escalators then just stairs – other times really yuk sculptures which are heavy and warlike particularly around the central line to the Kremlin. Having said that, super efficient. As one train leaves the next is arriving within 1-2 MINUTES. Max fare 30 roubles ($1). We found most people here to look quite sour but when you talk to them a surprisingly fun lot. Particularly in the hotel staff (girls).

Gorky Park undergoing massive renovations – probably due to Trip Advisor – also Russian Space Shuttle now rests there. Did all the touristy bits yesterday and both got back knackered again – Chris sore back – me sore foot bones – getting old – ahhhh…big sigh:)

No time for more – off to St Petersburg for four day at 200mph tomorrow. Should be fun!


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