Kuala Lumpur

The train was 45 mins late leaving Woodlands station and went down hill from there. We slowly climbed to 40 kph downhill and managed that speed for half an hour to the next station, suddenly, a real punch in the back we topped at 70kph for nearly five minutes. Just before KL we managed 90kph downhill with a tailing wind Рquite the adrenalin rush! Ist class totally worn out but surprisingly comfy. Only one setting on the a/c Рfreezing so had to hang out the door to warm up. Man in Seat 61 must have travelled  when the trains were new:) But we did get a slice of cake and a bottle of water. Asian loos to the left and Caucasian loos to the right. Both seen better days Рold and cracked but bearable Рjust. Mee goren heated in a plastic pac in what was loosely called a dining car was actually quite tasty Рespecially when you are starving РChris passed. Finally chuffed into KL 3.5 hrs late Рengine trouble apparently Рhope the same train has a new engine tomorrow as we go to Butterworth and Penang. The Maya Hotel in KL is magnificent РDr Peck n co were upgraded to an 80 sq m room overlooking twin towers. See pics. Today did China Town, Whatsit Square with the old colonial buildings and little India. Who needs a gym. Now absolutely pouring Рlightning the lot. Good old GnT.

TWIN TOWERS – view from our hotel Maya room

KL Twin Twrs Nite KL Old Town n New KL Ladies only

Had to take this for the ladies. Actually – the head covering scarves the girls use are quite functional – keeps the hair clean – also quite pretty!

Above twin towers and Old Town and new buildings comparison.


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