Singapore to Yekaterinburg by Rail


So there we were Chris at 63 and John at 66 deciding to go to Europe for a few months. Then we were watching the Amazing Race on Oz TV and just ‘had to go to Istanbul’. We thought we might go by train around Europe and found the Man in Seat 61. On his site we saw trains from Singapore Bangkok and Hanoi  to Beijing and then to St Petersburg on the Trans Siberian Railway. With Route Maps. Interesting. He is obviously a train buff:) and suggested, rather than tearing across, we should stay at a few places and enjoy the ride. As it was a ‘one off’ we took his advice (so glad we did) and we flew out on the Click here to see Itinerary21/02/2013!

Our Journey took us from Perth Western Australia, through –

Singapore  – Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) – Penang (Thailand) – Bangkok – Vientiane (Laos) – Hanoi (Vietnam) – Nanning (China) – Beijing – Ulaan Bataar (Mongolia) – Omsk – Irkutsk (Russia) – Moscow – Yekaterinburg – London.