Istanbul to Athens

We flew with Turkish airlines on an A330 200/300 – an ancient heap of unowot. Attaturk airport is ENOURMOUS – as you would expect for 20 odd million people. All the big planes seemed to have a designated pod. We have never seen seven planes sitting on the tarmac, in a line, waiting for a space to stop and discharge passengers. Gate 703.  Million degrees at take off, no vents – roasting – when it did take off, it shuddered, creaked and bounced about. Yuk. We made a mistake stopping overnight in Athens. Stayed at the hotel from hell – Aquis Mare Nostrum – said it was near the airport. About 15 km away down unlit windy roads. Gatekeeper from hell on arrival at 22:00, three dogs barking all night and a disco downstairs. Breakfast at 05:30 finished it off – stale bread and cornflakes – no butter. Unbelievable! Next day flew to Chanai – Crete, with Ryan AIr. Despite our misgivings, it was a perfect flight in their Boeing 737 800.