Dubai to Istanbul

Watching the route on Business Class screen was fascinating. We have never seen so many doglegs – presumably to avoid war torn areas. From Dubai you fly straight up the Persian gulf until almost alongside Bahrain. Then the course changes so you exit the Persian gulf in the top right hand corner. All is calm and the cotton wool clouds are slowly passing by. Between the Gulf and Baghdad, you appear to be flying over ever changing snow capped mountains. Actually, they are, of course, sand dunes but with very much paler, windswept sands at the top looking like snow. Very, very, pretty – all the way to Baghdad. Suddenly, on comes the seat belt sign and MAJOR TURBULANCE – thrown about like a cat in a spin dryer – wobbling side to side – even the flight crew said it was pretty bad. All that lobster, Beaujolais, whisky and chocolate slopping around as we are lying down trying to sleep. Ah well, just poor me 😎 🍷another one. The jet stream clouds eventually enveloped us over Ankara for an hour and then we were over the verdant valleys, rivers, farms etc all the way to Istanbul – beautiful. Taxi to Cosy Flats – with the ground still rolling beneath us as though we had just come off a ship – fortunately never fell over.