Chanai – Crete

Paradise – smack on the front of Old Town at the charming Amphora Hotel. Recommend it? – in a heartbeat.

We had a meal of Moussaka and chicken schnitzel downstairs in the restaurant with two glasses of red and white. At the end they gave us a little bottle of retsina two shot glasses and some ice cream. (to take away the nasty taste😎).

The Venetian Port of Old Town has a myriad collection of narrow little alley ways – fairly steep – always interesting. Lots of little back street vendors. The people are friendly and charming and nowhere near as pushy as the Turks. A much cleaner, safe city. They have done it well with no vehicles allowed in old town after 11:00 am. The water is as clear as glass. Unfortunately most bad things come in threes, my knee, Chris’s fall in Istanbul – now my turn again. Bali belly. Last night I thought I was going to catch fire I was so hot. Spent all day today in bed. 5 hrs sleep off and on – Imodium has helped and hope to be fine by tomorrow. Oh the joys of travel. Let’s hope that’s it. At least I could read up its’ history and update the blog.