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19/07/16 – Plitvice – Croatia – A truly amazing day out – well done to Cheryl for putting it “on the list”.

Fly home on the 26th July and arrive 27th with Etihad – approx 13:00 arrival.

06/07/16 – Split – also updated Cruise Dubrovnic. Zadar post to come. Now at Plitvic Lakes to see the world acclaimed waterfalls. Now 06:26 – time to wake Chris and Karin (this should be fun as they are both snoring away) as it is an all day walk, bus and boat ride.

01/07/12 –  Cruise Dubrovnik – return via the Elaphiti Islands.

There are thousands of islands in Croatia, very beautiful towns / cities, restored through the ages and continuing today. Crystal clear waters and ships of all types and sizes. Sadly, the many sailing boats, 2,3, masted – have the sails but they are part of the sizzle. They use motors! This is the longest screed so far. Thank God it’s finished.

29/06/12 – updated pictures and places on Day 2 tour from Dubrovnic to Montenegro.

Girls off hitting the shops today in Split – I’m off to long walk to park and museums.

22/06/12 – Dubrovnik day tours  – finally fixed links!

20/06/12 – Dubrovnik

14/06/08 – Santorini

09/06/16 –  Amorgos

05/06/16 – Naxos

01/06/16 – Paros  – June is a bustin’ out all overrrr ….

28/05/16 – Mykonos

28/05/16 – Athens

21/05/16 – Chanai – Crete

21/05/16 – Istanbul to Athens

19/05/16 – More on Istanbul and off to Crete tonight.

17/05/16 – Istanbul

16/05/16 – Dubai to Istanbul

16/05/16 – Perth to Dubai

12/05/16 – Holidays 2016 – Only one day to go – Woohooo…

Updated Itinerary – Added Emirates First Class Flight spiel.

For those who haven’t heard how we managed a First Class ticket to Europe – ask us when you see us!

02/03/16 – Perth 13/05/16  – Hols 2016 Itinerary – Perth-Dubai-Istanbul-?-Tour of the Cyclades(Greece)-Athens-Dubrovnik-Dalmation Cruise on AdriaticBliss-Lapad-Split-Zadar-Zagreb-Belgrade?-Budapest?-?-London-Perth by 01/09/16.

Perth 21/02/12  – Singapore to Yekaterinburg to London by train – Perth 03/05/12.


2 thoughts on “Whatsahappening

  1. John!! Michelle from down the road here (Grae and Sandis daughter)
    I’m off to Europe in a few days, how on earth did you get this first class upgrade?! It looks and sounds amazing! I’m going to try and sweet talk them at the check in counter haha. Hope you’re enjoying your trip.

    • Hi Michelle – only just picked up your comment and I guess you have already left for your holiday. Luck of the draw when we fluked the booking. Good luck with sweet talking them. Have a great trip. John and Chris

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